Glare is a fast paced arcade style shooter that bases its difficulty on the players skill level during the game. Defeat the bosses and reap the points. A never ending supply of enemies stand in your way of the best score!


The most up to date version including more spectacular particle effects and mouse and keyboard controls! You can buy the PC version from any of these fine outlets:




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Xbox 360

Glare was originally intended for the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. Here you can buy the game to play on your Xbox for the low low price of 80 MSP! The intention of putting the game on to the marketplace was just to get the game out there and have people be able to play it. Now that it’s out and has had over 1000 trials we can┬ásafely┬ásay plenty of people have played it.

You can download the Xbox 360 version here.

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